Couples Therapy in Escazú

Couples Therapy in Escazú


Couples Therapy in Escazú | In Couples Therapy, each scenario is different. All couples establish habits, customs and even routines in which they feel comfortable. Sometimes these same routines may be responsible for the couple to stop maintaining a balance in their pillars of the relationship.

An example is that couple that allows the daily routine, where communication is less and less frequent and when there is, it is an argument. Where time goes together to avoid more anger and problems and where sex is non-existent.

It is taken into account that in a wider panorama of a real situation, the three pillars are not in balance. These are: Intimacy, commitment and passion. And none is in tune, creating a problem for its central axis: the couple.

In cases like the previous one, the following is proposed:


Couples Therapy in Escazú to Recover Love


Perhaps it is not such an imaginary situation, and it is recognized in some of these scenes as yours or a close couple. Many couples feel their relationship deteriorate and, despite trying and giving themselves new opportunities, it is impossible to get out of the vicious circle of discussions.

With this panorama, can love be regained? «Absolutely yes,» said the specialists consulted, but it is necessary that the two members of the couple agree on it. They ensure that there comes a time when the couple by itself does not know how to improve the relationship and needs the help of a specialized therapist to guide them in this arduous path.



When to attend couples therapy


Not only what is said is important, but everything behind it. The therapy is appropriate when the problem significantly interferes with everyday life. It is also recommended when those affected have given themselves opportunities to recover the relationship and have not succeeded.

The bad thing is that, sometimes, when they arrive at the therapist, it is already late, the couple has already broken, but they come because one of the parties needs a reaffirmation of an “Other” (being this the therapist) that there is nothing what to do.

Couples therapy in Escazú, has a building perspective. To find that desire that became passion when they decided to be together. The longer they wait to solve the problem, the more definitive the position in which they were placed within the relationship becomes. For example: positions of victim, aggression, machismo.


Couples Therapy Costa Rica
Couples Therapy Costa Rica


The Interview for Couples Therapy in Escazú


The initial interview is all that first session. In which the therapist receives the necessary data from both to assess the starting situation: when the relationship began, if they have children, at what time they felt they were in crisis, why they come, it is also important to explain the way in which The office works its couple therapies and the commitment that the couple must also put into these to see positive results.


Sessions in Couple Therapy


It is important to always make them remember the reason for their union, because they fell in love, they saw each other. If they were able to join, they are able to fix it.

In couple therapy both have to be clear that there is not a single culprit, but that the relationships are two and both have their share of responsibility. But more importantly, emphasize that both are there in therapy, and that is an indicator that they want to solve it.

The therapist offers a space for them, where they can learn to communicate again and find the root of the problem. Analyze this and find different ways to solve it.


Couples Therapy in Costa Rica
Couples Therapy in Costa Rica


Duration of The Therapeutic Process


This varies from case to case. But mainly in what the couple is willing to work in therapy. The more they want to work in sessions, the more progress there is. The duration of therapy will also depend on the time they have had an unsolved problem. The time they have to be together and how willing they are to solve it.

The sessions are weekly, at least the first four sessions. Looking for positive results you were waiting for the fourth session.

There is no magic formula to solve any problem, but determination and commitment are part of the success in couples therapies.


What if one of the two does not want to go?


It is important that both go to couples therapy together from the beginning. Both must be committed and with an attitude of construction.

So if one of the two does not want to go, it is better to start with individual therapy. This will see the relationship in a different way and the individual change may gradually improve the same relationship.


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