Child Psychotherapy In Escazú

Child Psychotherapy In Escazú


Child Psychotherapy in Escazú focuses on childhood, which is the stage in which the bases are established for the rest of life, which is why it is important to solve the problems that arise in these ages because if not are resolved can present great problems in the future.

Child Therapy in Escazú is aimed at helping children overcome emotional disorders: fears, night terrors, enureris as well as aggressive behaviors or academic problems.


Child Therapy


“Childhood is the creative phase par excellence, I always wanted to be a child”

J. Piaget


When to attend to therapy in Escazú


Parents with children at an early age comment on how difficult it is to educate their children today. There are frequent requests for help regarding behavioral problems that they manifest at home, at school, with their parents, siblings or classmates.

All children are different, so here we try to individualize each case and provide children with specific resources to try to mediate the problem through techniques, strategies and behavior patterns.

We emphasize the need to attend to the evolutionary moment that the child is going through. The treatment planning, as well as the objectives, strategies and evaluation of the achievements, must be in accordance with the age and maturation level of each child.


The Process in Child Psychotherapy in Escazú


The process is divided into sessions where at the beginning, it is recommended that you attend each week in a session that goes from 50 minutes to 1 hour, the first session is always with the parents so that they can transfer the whole medical history of the child, from Birth to the current problem. From the second session it is only with the child, it is important the seriousness and commitment in the process at the time of going regularly as well as following the recommendations that have been scheduled, otherwise said process will fall.

With a psychoanalytic basis we use play and drawing as fundamental techniques, because through it many emotional desires and problems are expressed. We also apply techniques with a cognitive – behavioral approach, trying to link thought with behavior.

It is about the existence of a communication and the same therapeutic line is followed both at school, at home and in the sessions, to favor the child in his process.


Child Psychotherapy


Approaches in Child Psychotherapy


In the Child Psychotherapy in Escazú you will find:

Psychological assistance with a Multidisciplinary (Integral) Approach for boys and girls.
Orientation and “School for family countries”.
Evaluations, psychodiagnostics and psychometrics.


Child Psychotherapy


When should the therapist be consulted?


When the child presents:

  • Depressive and / or anxiety symptoms
  • Bullying: Bullying
  • Speech and / or language problems
  • School performance problems
  • Learning problems
  • Behavior problems
  • Attention deficit
  • Sexual abuse
  • ICT
  • Enuresis / Encopresis
  • Eating disorders
  • TOC
  • Grief (death, change of home, change of school)


About Child Psychotherapy


Dra. Diana Molina 



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